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After her presentation, Yuzu rushed back to her seat, flustered and light-headed. She hoped that her dad's school got clients soon, or they really would go bankrupt... and then her dreams of taking it easy, never worrying about debts and bills would... No, no she couldn't think that way!
It'd all work out! It had to, after all, she already got the Phantom, Maiami City's biggest star, on the payroll!
Yuya silently rose from his seat when his name was called and she watched him walk past her desk to the front. He was uncharacteristically quiet, and Yuzu caught a glimpse of his blackboard... it was blank.
Something quiet and disturbing had taken ahold of the classroom mood when Yuya stood at the front of the room with his blank board. And he wasn't smiling.
"What do I see in my future? Well..." Yuya's voice was soft, very soft. It was reflective, as if he'd thought about this a long time ago and never changed his answer. "I don't see anything. There isn't a future for someone like me."
Then suddenly at a drop of a hat, Yuya's lips split into a smile and the mood changed. He radiated like sunshine and tilted the board to one side, sounding like he was trying very hard not to laugh.
"Or, well, that's just a morbid way of saying I haven't decided yet!" Yuya said, laughter in his voice. He walked back to his desk, faster than he had gone up to the board, and he was smiling and laughing with the other students.
Clown, they called him.
But Yuzu had seen it in his eyes. Yuya was lonely, and he'd lost his path years and years ago, when he decided to become the Phantom of Maiami City. No, perhaps he had lost it when G.O.D. was born.
She wondered just how many things burdened him. If he had ever been truly alive, was he happy then?
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 There was no war here. There had never been any war. There had almost been one, once, but everyone had shied away, as if their hands had been resting on a hot stove.

Everyone avoided him. He saw them walk faster when he came closer. Yuuri narrowed his eyes at them, but made no attempt to chase after them.

 A wasted effort. Even if he caught them, they still wouldn't talk to him.
 "Don't you have somewhere else to be?"
 Hands shoved him in the back.
"Why are you still here?"
 Feet kicked him in the knees from the front.
 Yuuri let them. It didn't matter, he knew they were all scared of him, anyways.
 "Don't you rats have anything better to do than push me around? You teachers' pets might be missing an important lecture." He snarked, regretting it when he received a harsh jab to the chest.
 He choked on his spit when he tried to breathe, and crawled away on his hands and knees to get away from the pain. It hurt, but the time for caring had been too long ago.
 Yuuri would show them what he was good for. All of them. He had spent years building up his deck, and organizing his things in his dorm room. Then they'd know who, no, what he really was—a monster. Their monster.
 He held Starve Venom up in the air, eyes closed so its anger wouldn't steal away his vision.
 "Guardian dragon of worlds beyond," he whispered through his lips. "Plunge this entire world into the darkness that binds us all."
 He heard his dragon's call.
 And then Yuuri heard nothing more.
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 "I won't let you hurt my friends anymore!"

 Yuzu's Duel Disk hummed with the faintest sound. Her bracelet shone with a bright, pink light.
 Ruri was right beside her. She had never talked to her face-to-face before, but she remembered thinking, Yuto was right. They did look alike. If Yuzu hadn't known better, she would have thought they were twins.
 "Care to keep up with me?" She said, half-jokingly. Ruri was fixated on a spot above their heads. On Zarc.
 "Only if you can keep up with me," Ruri responds, already rushing forward. She was so much like her brother, and yet Yuzu could tell they were nothing alike- there was just something in the way Ruri walked.
 It was soft.
 Zarc laughed, letting the voice that used to belong to Yuya ring in her ears. She took a deep breath and thought of Yuuri, with the same voice and face- and Yuzu steeled her resolve.
 "I see you've split yourself into four pieces like I have, Akaba Ray!" Yuya's body moved with an inhuman speed, and his face sneered at her with contempt and hatred. "But it's useless! No matter how many times you fight me, the outcome will always be the same!"
 Yuuri's voice rang in her ears- "No matter, you can fight me over and over, but in the end, you'll be right where you started. Except, I'll have won these petty games, Hiiragi Yuzu."
 And then, Yuzu took a step forward.
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Zarc was tired. He could still feel the bags under his eyes, from living a life that let him know that he wasn't wanted there. It was a feeling he'd known all too well, even from birth—he could still hear the insults and the lectures, even now...

He forced the thought from his mind. No. He didn't want to remember, not this late at night. Not when... not when the alternative was having the landlord / tournament head / the Professor's daughter in his apartment, demanding to know why he was disrupting the other guests' lives.
It was just his luck that he'd run away from home and found himself just as lost as he'd been before as a child. As if Zarc wasn't still a child himself. He was barely sixteen years old, but he'd oh-so-effortlessly lied to the registration's face.
Of course he was nineteen, he'd said. He was lucky he looked older than he really was, or else he'd have been in serious trouble by now.

Zarc's pulse raced and thrummed against his throat. He could feel it when he took a breath, and of course, he could feel it when he closed his eyes. It was always there, in the humming of his mind, slowly unnerving him with its rhythm.
Briefly—in a rather morbid thought—he wondered when it would stop.
If he'd been a shy two years younger, perhaps it would have made his stomach unsettled and he'd be sitting here, face in his palms, wondering what he'd been doing wrong.
But not today.
Zarc had been dead to the world for a long time now, he supposed. Even the thought of death was beginning to bore him. Odd-Eyes whispered his concern through his card, but he soothed his dragon with a swift sentence—I'm fine.
Not that either of them believed it.
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 "I'm not like him," Yuya says to Kurosaki Shun, smiling and darting his eyes away, unable to look at him directly. He wasn't... was he?

 No, he wasn't.

 When Yuya sent his opponent flying, a wave of pleasure swept over his mind and chilled him to the core. Why had he done that?
 Suddenly, Yuuri stormed into his mind, his eerie, wide smile etched on his face, and on Yuya's face. And in a panic, Yuya looked at his hands and realized that they were Yuuri's.
 "I'm, I'm not like this, I swear," Yuya whimpered when the cameras turned to him and the stadium's hushed whispers swarmed around him in a dizzying dance. And all at once, the applause began, and the audience erupted into loud cheers. "No... no no no... I'm not like this! This isn't me!"
 But his cries fell on ears that were no longer listening to him.
 And perhaps they never had been.
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 The quick falls of his footsteps rang through his ears as he fell into formation behind Yuuri. The soft flutter of red filled his vision briefly, leaving him entranced by the way his counterpart swayed.

 Yuya breathed.

 Yuuri continued to walk.

 "Haven't you wondered?" Yuuri's voice were like a sweet song to his ears, wrapping his mind in a lull of peace that tore his very self with its insidious melody. His eyes flitted up at his face, then down to his hands. Yuuri cupped Yuya's face in his hands. "You have, haven't you? Yuya. You and I are exactly the same. We're cut from the same cloth... you and I."

 Yuya could only nod in his trance, not realizing with every step he took, it brought him closer and closer to Yuuri. And with each swing of his pendulum's bright, consuming light, his mind became murkier. And with every breath he took, his heart became stranger, beating an odd biorhythm the more Yuuri consumed his mind.

 He wanted to be closer.

 Yuya entangled his self with his counterpart, weeping through his hands that grabbed and gnawed at Yuuri's chest. The feverish want of being closer overtook his senses. It left him whirling and breathing heavily, until Yuuri pressed their foreheads together and then... Yuya remembered.

But what did he remember?

He remembered everything.

And yet he didn't remember anything at all.

Honey gold eyes blazed like a flame and two separate hearts beat together until their rhythm were one once more.
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 Barrett had never really intended to stay at Academia very long. He'd planned to settle down back in Venice, and enjoy the rest of his life with his grandchildren. But something strange had overcome the school in recent years.

 After the Alchemy professor had left the staff, a military man, Sanders—he'd remembered the name from the harsh remarks he'd heard in the classroom—had taken his position, and brought along his son.
 He remembered the fearful look in his son's eyes, and worried for the students who were still enrolled in the school.
 And he remembered Serena, the tough little girl who wasn't even allowed to leave her dorm room—it had been the Headmaster's orders, he'd heard.
 Barrett was pushing fifty, but he wasn't too old to bend the rules one last time.
 "Go," he said to the little girl with the bow in her hair. "Don't stray too far from the school, and make sure no one sees you."
 But when he turned his back, he knew she was already setting foot through the gates.
 Maybe she'd even get far enough to leave this school behind her.
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 She heard a thump by her feet late at night. They'd been in Synchro for about a day, and Serena still didn't trust the people who'd rescued them. And, besides, Yuzu had been the only one to understand when the jacket came off. That was the only reason she came here.

 "Go away, Sakaki," she said, pushing herself up by her elbows. "I told you, I'm not interested."

 Sure enough, Yuya was peering at her from the other end of the couch, blinking his eyes at her.

 He dropped something on her ankles. Soft, like...

 "Are these... foam pads?" Serena asked, gripping them in her hands.
"Gel," he said, seating himself on the coffee table. "I thought you might want them, instead of shoving the newspapers in your shirt."

 She didn't know what to say to that, but settled to swap the papers that scratched against her chest for the soft, oh-so-comfortable gel pads that soothed the itch.

 "Don't expect me to thank you, Yuya." She said, but ducked her head so he wouldn't see her crying.
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 "I ran away from home," Yugo said, voice soft and yet harsh at the same time, and suddenly Yuzu wasn't seeing Yuya in that white helmet and suit anymore. She was on a motorbike, racing for their lives on the streets of some strange city. "One day, I just couldn't take it anymore. So when they started yellin', I left, and I just never looked back."
 "You know, I'm kind of glad I'm stuck here," Rin said, with a strange smile on her face.

 Ruri looked at her, confusion ebbing on her tongue. How could anyone love this place, when they were so far away from everyone they knew?

 "Mom can't yell at me if I'm gone," she said, voice quiet. Her fingers curled against her sleeves and her bracelet glowing with that faint, blinking light. "Nobody would miss me if I never came back."

 Ruri placed her hand over Rin's, giving her gentlest smile.

 "I would miss you," she said.

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