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 There was no war here. There had never been any war. There had almost been one, once, but everyone had shied away, as if their hands had been resting on a hot stove.

Everyone avoided him. He saw them walk faster when he came closer. Yuuri narrowed his eyes at them, but made no attempt to chase after them.

 A wasted effort. Even if he caught them, they still wouldn't talk to him.
 "Don't you have somewhere else to be?"
 Hands shoved him in the back.
"Why are you still here?"
 Feet kicked him in the knees from the front.
 Yuuri let them. It didn't matter, he knew they were all scared of him, anyways.
 "Don't you rats have anything better to do than push me around? You teachers' pets might be missing an important lecture." He snarked, regretting it when he received a harsh jab to the chest.
 He choked on his spit when he tried to breathe, and crawled away on his hands and knees to get away from the pain. It hurt, but the time for caring had been too long ago.
 Yuuri would show them what he was good for. All of them. He had spent years building up his deck, and organizing his things in his dorm room. Then they'd know who, no, what he really was—a monster. Their monster.
 He held Starve Venom up in the air, eyes closed so its anger wouldn't steal away his vision.
 "Guardian dragon of worlds beyond," he whispered through his lips. "Plunge this entire world into the darkness that binds us all."
 He heard his dragon's call.
 And then Yuuri heard nothing more.


zarcv: Yuya, turned towards the camera in shock. (Default)

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