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 "I won't let you hurt my friends anymore!"

 Yuzu's Duel Disk hummed with the faintest sound. Her bracelet shone with a bright, pink light.
 Ruri was right beside her. She had never talked to her face-to-face before, but she remembered thinking, Yuto was right. They did look alike. If Yuzu hadn't known better, she would have thought they were twins.
 "Care to keep up with me?" She said, half-jokingly. Ruri was fixated on a spot above their heads. On Zarc.
 "Only if you can keep up with me," Ruri responds, already rushing forward. She was so much like her brother, and yet Yuzu could tell they were nothing alike- there was just something in the way Ruri walked.
 It was soft.
 Zarc laughed, letting the voice that used to belong to Yuya ring in her ears. She took a deep breath and thought of Yuuri, with the same voice and face- and Yuzu steeled her resolve.
 "I see you've split yourself into four pieces like I have, Akaba Ray!" Yuya's body moved with an inhuman speed, and his face sneered at her with contempt and hatred. "But it's useless! No matter how many times you fight me, the outcome will always be the same!"
 Yuuri's voice rang in her ears- "No matter, you can fight me over and over, but in the end, you'll be right where you started. Except, I'll have won these petty games, Hiiragi Yuzu."
 And then, Yuzu took a step forward.


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