Apr. 12th, 2017

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 The quick falls of his footsteps rang through his ears as he fell into formation behind Yuuri. The soft flutter of red filled his vision briefly, leaving him entranced by the way his counterpart swayed.

 Yuya breathed.

 Yuuri continued to walk.

 "Haven't you wondered?" Yuuri's voice were like a sweet song to his ears, wrapping his mind in a lull of peace that tore his very self with its insidious melody. His eyes flitted up at his face, then down to his hands. Yuuri cupped Yuya's face in his hands. "You have, haven't you? Yuya. You and I are exactly the same. We're cut from the same cloth... you and I."

 Yuya could only nod in his trance, not realizing with every step he took, it brought him closer and closer to Yuuri. And with each swing of his pendulum's bright, consuming light, his mind became murkier. And with every breath he took, his heart became stranger, beating an odd biorhythm the more Yuuri consumed his mind.

 He wanted to be closer.

 Yuya entangled his self with his counterpart, weeping through his hands that grabbed and gnawed at Yuuri's chest. The feverish want of being closer overtook his senses. It left him whirling and breathing heavily, until Yuuri pressed their foreheads together and then... Yuya remembered.

But what did he remember?

He remembered everything.

And yet he didn't remember anything at all.

Honey gold eyes blazed like a flame and two separate hearts beat together until their rhythm were one once more.
zarcv: Yuya, turned towards the camera in shock. (Default)
 "I'm not like him," Yuya says to Kurosaki Shun, smiling and darting his eyes away, unable to look at him directly. He wasn't... was he?

 No, he wasn't.

 When Yuya sent his opponent flying, a wave of pleasure swept over his mind and chilled him to the core. Why had he done that?
 Suddenly, Yuuri stormed into his mind, his eerie, wide smile etched on his face, and on Yuya's face. And in a panic, Yuya looked at his hands and realized that they were Yuuri's.
 "I'm, I'm not like this, I swear," Yuya whimpered when the cameras turned to him and the stadium's hushed whispers swarmed around him in a dizzying dance. And all at once, the applause began, and the audience erupted into loud cheers. "No... no no no... I'm not like this! This isn't me!"
 But his cries fell on ears that were no longer listening to him.
 And perhaps they never had been.


zarcv: Yuya, turned towards the camera in shock. (Default)

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